Reasons Why You Should Get Sew-in Weaves?

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While we love getting braids, we also all love trying on different hairstyles and hairdos. Hair allows us to experiment with different hairstyles and looks. But what would you do if your short hair doesn’t allow you to wear different hairdos? The right response would be a sew-in weave.

If you are trying to grow your short hair but want to opt for a new hairstyle instantly, you can always rely on the sew-in option. In fact, you can’t go wrong with a sew-in.

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What’s exactly a sew-in?

If you love styling your hair but want to give your natural hair a break at the same time, sew-in weaves might just be the solution for you. It’s a process where your natural hair is braided with the hair extensions. Basically, if you want to sew-in your hair, you would have to use hair extensions. The natural hair is braided into cornrows. And then the hair extensions are sewed down onto the braids with the help of a needle and thread.

You can get a new hairstyle without having to heat style your hair. It’s a process that doesn’t damage your natural hair. So, it’s an absolutely safe process. That’s why it’s a great option.

How lengthy the process is?

Well, it totally depends on how long your hair is and the type of hair extensions you use. Basically, it takes about three to six hours to install the hair extensions. So, it’s a pretty lengthy process. But once you are done with it, it’s totally worth the time and money.

How long can you enjoy your sew-in?

With proper care, a sew-in can last up to six to eight weeks. Thus, you must maintain the sew-in to make it last longer. However, if you start experiencing irritation on the scalp, breakage, or excess oil buildup, you must get rid of the sew-in by consulting a specialist immediately. And keeping your sew-in more than eight weeks would risk hair damage. Hence, do not think of keeping your sew-in for a long time. Also, be in touch with your specialist in case you feel any irritation. This should help avoid any irritation side effects.

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Will your hair gets damaged by sew-in weaves?

The only way a sew-in can damage your hair is if it’s not properly installed and maintained in the first place. According to professional hairstylists, the best way to prevent hair damage is by marinating your sewed-in hair. Also, it’s important to consult a reputed hairstylist to get your hair done. Quality work is what generates quality results!

How much does the sew-in service cost?

The average cost of this service totally depends on certain factors like your location, the experience of the specialist, and the type of hair extensions you want to use. So, you may want to consult a specialist to know the exact price of the service.

Why after-care is important?

After-care is extremely important to make the result last longer. You can wash your hair after the process, but only once every two weeks. And you will have to be very gentle when washing your hair. You can consider using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that’s suitable for you. After washing your hair, make sure to dry the braids properly.  Remember, every hair extension type requires proper maintenance. Hence, make sure you are up for it before getting your hair done.

Bottom line

Even though the sew-in weave process is lengthy and the service charge is pretty costly, it’s totally worth once your hair gets done. It makes your hair look long and beautiful. With weaves, you can get long hairstyles without having to grow your natural hair. The most important thing you should keep in mind when getting your hair done is; consulting an experienced and reputed specialist. It’s vital that you collaborate with an experienced specialist if you want the result to be flawless.

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